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  • The Physical Value of Sound

    The Physical Value of Sound consists of a series of products that allow people to realise the physicality of music. The media that surround us has changed from analogue to digital - for instance, photography, film and music. These days, most sounds are recorded only digitally. I feel uneasy about the digitalisation of music because I wonder if it will survive for the next generation. Digital-based music media is just "data", in other words, "virtual". When objects lose physicality, they turn into virtual.


    I strongly believe that record is still the latest and the finest media in analogue recording technology. If you think of Edison's gramophone record, it is clear that records can survive and can be listened to after hundreds of years. Record is the only commonly available, playable media that is physical and in this project I used this diminished format as the raw material.


    I hope the experience of this project will provoke people's interest to this physical music media.