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  • Sonic Bloom

    An interactive installation in the heart of Mayfair which brings people together through sound.

    Sonic Bloom is London’s new community-focused, interactive and multi-sensorial installation created by Yuri Suzuki and curated by Alter-Projects which explores the nature of communication through sound.


    Installed in Brown Hart Gardens in the heart of Mayfair, Sonic Bloom consists of a network of horn-shaped elements that capture and transport the voices of spectators as well as the sounds of the city. The playful installation is a sonic playground that invites Londoners to re-connect and reflect on how, after a long period of isolation, they interact with each other and their city. 


    The installation is a network of colourful horn-shaped elements that come together to create a magical, interactive flower. The sculpture amplifies the sounds absorbed from the surroundings and transports voice recordings from people at street level through its stems.