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    A tuneful collaboration between Yuri Suzuki and Swarf Hardware.

    ‘Chimes’ is a collaboration between Yuri Suzuki and Swarf Hardware, which takes the form of two decorative hanging bells, a Windchime and a Shopkeeper‘s Bell, each with a tone carefully curated to perfectly suit the intended environment.

    A celebration of the analogue, the ‘Chimes’ collection has been engineered to create ambient and soothing sounds with the aim of offering a daily moment of auditory delight. The Shopkeeper’s Bell creates a lower tone reminiscent of the doorbells found in traditional shops. Although envisaged for retail and hospitality, the bell also makes a playful addition to homes and residential settings. The Windchime is a modern take on Japanese wind bells and creates a lighter, more meditative sound. Its tail is made from thin aluminium discs which are lightweight and have a large surface area to catch the breeze.


    Both designs are composed of spun brass bells and laser-cut powder-coated aluminium shapes and are threaded with durable Kevlar string to withstand both outdoor and indoor environments. Made with an environmentally conscious production cycle, the manufacturing of both bells creates zero plastic waste, and as brass and aluminium are infinitely recyclable, the products will leave a minimal footprint on the environment..