Lemon Light 2008  

A light powered by a lemon battery.
Modern life is characterised by a separation of actual natural resources and the electrical power we use in daily life. The origin of electrical power is has become invisible to us. People have forgotten about the natural forces that originally produce our light, heat and power. We are only faced with switches and electrical outlets on our homes and offices.
At the same time, we are faced with the prospect of a shortage of powerin the near future, since natural resources are running out in ou economically globalised world. I think this oblivion is the reason why we can observe a massive waste of energy, when people leave on heating systems, air conditioning and light all day and night,whether actually make use of it or not.
In that sense, my design is an attempt for an antithesis to modern society.
To use this lemon light, people have to actually buy a real lemon and cut it in half and tey have to insert the light to one half of the lemon.
Finally, the light emitted from the Lemon Light is quite weak. Thus it should make people appreciate the value of power. One half lemon for a weak light. How many full lemons for a strong one? This light should increase people's awareness of the origin of electrical energy.